Vibrant street art decorates buildings all around the world. Though urban graffiti may be the first type that you think of, street art actually comes in loads of different forms, from sculptures to ‘yarn bombing’ – and it’s found in a diverse range of environments. Here, we’ve gathered together the work of our favorite street artists, spanning talent you already know and relative unknowns you’ll want to know. Artists’ motivation ranges from simply brightening up their neighborhoods to making political statements. But whatever their aims may be, the art that’s been produced is inspirational. The first word even the internet says is ‘Kochi comes alive through Art streets’. So, that’s how the impact of art is, it makes a place go alive, Providing an unexpected visual treat, huge and colorful street murals are getting ready in the run-up to the festival and ceremonies. The first one was the Biennial first edition.

What defines street art?

Street art is related to graffiti art in that it is created in public locations and is usually unsanctioned, but it covers a wider range of media and is more connected with graphic design.

What are the characteristics of street art?

Artists often incorporate elements of graffiti in their works, adding large bubble lettering or smaller decorative script. Scale and time are often important factors in creating street art, given the fact that many of these works are created illegally.

What is an example of street art?

Graffiti. One of the most popular street art is the one done on walls. It has a history which goes back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek period. Graffiti can be used to give out a message or just to make a plain wall look more attractive.