A rainbow is a multicolored arc made by light striking water droplets. The most familiar type rainbow is produced when sunlight strikes raindrops in front of a viewer at a precise angle (42 degrees). Rainbows can also be viewed around fog, sea spray, or waterfalls. is a multicolored arc, or curved line, in the sky. Most rainbows form when the Sun’s rays strike raindrops falling from faraway rain clouds. Rainbows appear in the part of the sky opposite the Sun, usually in the early morning or late afternoon.There would not have been any special thing about a rainbow, but the oneness brings out the beauty. The rainbow makes me understand that you can’t do without some certain people in life. Meeting people, making friends, interacting with family and relatives are important part of life. A rainbow is often a sign of hope, the beauty after the storm, a pot of gold and good fortune at the rainbow’s end. For many, a rainbow carries a personal symbolic meaning–representing inclusivity and diversity, an all-embracing image of love and friendship. Of course, a rainbow in itself symbolizes success, hope and fortune to many of us. As you gaze upon the vibrant rainbow colors, you may feel happiness and a sense of excitement and wonderment. Indeed, a rainbow is a many-splendored thing. In addition to being beautiful, rainbows serve as a wonderful example of visible light’s dispersion and its wavelength spectrum. Visible light travels in the form of a wave, much like sound and ocean waves do. This is what I said: ‘The colours of a rainbow are light, fresh and happy and since they are so rare, they elicit a sense of awe and delight in addition to bringing the promise of sunshine with the blue sky usually on the horizon’.