Gajner Palace

Gajner Palace is located in the city of Bikaner on the banks of Gajner Lake. This regal palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh as a hunting lodge for him and his family but was converted to a hotel in 1976. Gajner Palace offers you a variety of leisure activities from boat rides to desert safaris. Built as a traditional Rajasthani Palace, it is an architectural beauty that now is modernised to host guests. The entire vicinity is filled with lush green trees while the glorious palace itself offers recreational activities like billiards, lawn tennis, cycling, bird watching and wildlife safaris.

The hunting resort once had remnants of a historic railway station. In the year 1922, the lodge was connected to the rail. Despite the modernisation, the walls of Gajner Palace are adorned with art and heritage. The lodge can host corporate events as well as be a perfect destination for a family vacation. Being situated in Bikaner, the Gajner Palace provides its hosts the best experience any place has to offer. Bikaner prides itself on the food they serve, the hospitality they accommodate people with and its vibrant cultural ambience. The Great India Desert, also known as the Thar Desert extends through Bikaner, thereby opens the opportunity to more activities like desert safari and camel rides.